Start up an EC2 instance

Log in

Go to ‘‘ in a Web browser.

Select ‘My Account/Console’ menu option ‘AWS Management Console.”

Log in with your username & password.

Click on EC2 (upper left).


Select your zone

Many of the resources that we use are hosted by Amazon on the East coast. Make sure that your dashboard has ‘N. Virginia’ on the upper right.

Then click on Launch Instance.


Select the machine operating system to boot

Find the “Ubuntu Server 14.04” image in the first list to show up.


Choose the machine size

Select ‘General purpose’, ‘m3.xlarge’, and then ‘Review and Launch’.


Confirm and launch

Review the details (ignore the warnings!) and click on Launch.


(First time through) generate a new key pair

If you don’t have any key pairs, enter a key pair name and then download a key pair. Then click Launch Instance.


(Next times through) select an existing key pair

Select a key pair and click ‘Launch’.


Click on View Instances


Select the public DNS name for later use


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